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best wordpress ecommerce themes of 2018

Best WordPress E-commerce Themes of 2018

E-commerce websites are now more popular than ever. Not just among users but they are getting much popular among developers too. As building, an e-commerce website can be profitable (though it takes a lot of time). Even most of the bloggers out there are also trying to start their own e-commerce sites for small grade business. Most of these are WordPress site users. And happily, WordPress team has a number of high-quality themes specially developed for e-commerce sites. The WordPress WooCommerce is one of the most used e-commerce plugins for most of the e-commerce sites out there.

Here are some Best WordPress E-commerce Themes 

1. eStore

eStore is one of the most simply designed WordPress e-commerce theme. Around 40% of e-commerce WordPress site owners use this theme.  It actually gives your site a similar look like Amazon(mostly, not exactly).

best wordpress ecommerce themes of 2018

The eStore theme is actually beautiful along with an extensive customizable background image that looks amazing. Along with that, you get to set up your site within minutes. Since the theme also provides you instructions by itself on how to perfectly set up the theme.

Also, you can set widgets with featured images too which looks much likely similar to actual high-grade e-commerce sites.

2. Template Trip

Like simple windowed images and fonts? Template Trip is the perfect WordPress e-commerce theme for you. One of the coolest features of this theme is that it allows slide views of products. And it looks amazing. The basic font styles are simple yet beautiful to look at.

best WordPress Ecommerce Themes of 2018

Else for the basic UI, you get a strong color selection along with product view windows(widgets can also be placed), mid placed categories with feature image setting. The profile bar can either be set up at a side or below with intuitive controls (like javascript functioning).

If you want an e-commerce theme for your site for this is the best theme yet.

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3. ShopIsle

ShopIsle is the next WordPress e-commerce theme to restore that comes with similar features. But with more focus on the images. You can actually set the full UI to a darker color and enjoy with beautiful background images. Well, you won’t be able to understand that unless you try it.

Best WordPress Ecommerce Themes of 2018

ShoIsle is made for simple users who like simple one-line instructions for customizations. It means, spending time with the theme for 2-3 minutes you can get accustomed to most of the basic settings. The UI design is what makes is more attractive. It also comes with a local language translator(if you are not familiar that much with English).

Plus it has a linear category design setting that lets you categorize the categories like real e-commerce sites.

4. Storefront

The storefront has been a favorite theme for most of the e-commerce bloggers out there. Although the main area of interest for bloggers about this theme is that welcomes you with a beautiful background image. And it looks much better in the actual site and also to users. Now, who wouldn’t love such a website?

Best WordPress Ecommerce Themes of 2018

The storefront has a simple featured image-wise categorization technique. This enables you to group products with a unique feature image. The user clicks on the image and gets to browse the similar products. Along comes Linear tags settings, a separate profile editor and lot more. All for free.

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 5. TheShop

TheShop is another great WordPress e-commerce theme for WordPress bloggers. When you go to specific e-commerce sites for shopping, you find a list category. You can actually duplicate that type of UI with the settings with TheShop. Also, it provides the right settings for a darker UI which most of the themes don’t. And if they do, it might not seem right.

best wordpress ecommerce themes of 2018

TheShop also lets you define different types of categories in the main site too. You can select a featured image type or a simple icon type, whichever suits you. Also, you can design your homepage with lots of images to make it more beautiful without making it too heavy. Since much of the themes get heavy, they take time to load.


 6. AlphaStore

If you like to preview products more than the actual homepage, then there is a well build WordPress theme for you. The AlphaStore is a typical WordPress e-commerce theme built specifically for this purpose. Although you can display much of the categories linearly, you can make space for the products too.

Best WordPress Ecommerce Themes of 2018

Most e-commerce site owners like to share the latest deals and discounts with the visitor at first. This theme is the one for them. It allows the user to setup the best deals, discounts on items along with the best items that have undergone high sales.

Also, AlphaStore allows you to customize more and setup your site much similar to an actual e-commerce site.

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 7. Clean Commerce

Clean commerce is another WordPress e-commerce theme built for the simple users. It offers simple and spacy customizations to the users. Although it has all the settings for setting up a high-grade e-commerce site.

best wordpress ecommerce themes of 2018

Clean commerce is one of the most flexible themes that bloggers might find interesting. As with an e-commerce site, you might set everything to simplicity. Like simple widgets of categories, footers, sidebars, lists, profile page and contact information too.

Everything goes where you want and with all the simplicity possible. Since most readers want a fast loading site instead of a heavier good looking one.


 8. Bellini

Bellini offers a highly lightweight design for a simple WordPress e-commerce website platform. And due to that, your website will load faster. Within the light UI and customizations, Bellini offers all the sufficient settings for a variety of sites.

Best WordPress Ecommerce Themes of 2018

On the page, customizations include fonts, background design, extensive featured image installation along with image capable categories, custom icons and lot more. And along with it, you can too install all the necessary WordPress plugins for the needed optimizations.

Since no owner would want his site to be at the bottom of the ranks. Also, the SEO plugins are available.

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9. Tyche

Tyche offers a more of the modern styling themes for a more stylish e-commerce site building. In case if you are someone who loves more of the style. Though this theme might be used mostly for the fashion websites selling garments.

Best WordPress Ecommerce Themes of 2018

Although for a shopping site, that is capable of mostly selling garments, shoes, makeup items, this might be their perfect theme. It comes with the special darker UI presentation for matching purposes, sidebar widgets, discount widgets along product views and much more.

If you are looking for an intuitive and interactive User e-commerce theme, Tyche might be the one for you.

 10. Vogue

Vogue is another stylish WordPress e-commerce theme that has been designed for multipurpose owners. From simple and minimalistic design to a high-grade interactive UI with featured images, the Vogue theme has and does it all.

Best WordPress Ecommerce Themes of 2018

If you want a premium e-commerce theme with premium buttons and custom icons, this is the right theme. Among the best things in it comes the multiple widget layouts on lines, an integrated social linking system with icons, a new upload button. Also much of WordPress plugins like Meta Slider, NAvXT is also supported with it.


If you are a WordPress site owner then these themes are must for you too look at and try them out.

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