Why Mobile Apps Can Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

Mobile Apps Can Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

Why Mobile Apps Can Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

In the past, ‘going shopping’ was a real task. People had to gas up, battle traffic and then find their way through jam-packed malls. Even after all that, they often came back empty-handed because they couldn’t find what they needed. I am sure you too must have faced that situation at some point.

Fast forward to more recent times when online shopping changed everything. Now shopping requires you to go online, browse sites and purchase the things you need while still in your pyjamas. You can even ‘go shopping’ at 2 am in the morning! That is what we call Ecommerce.

Ecommerce currently represents 10% of retail sales and the number is likely to grow 15% each year. That’s the reason why marketing experts keep stressing about the importance of creating an online store.

Mobile Apps Can Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

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But do you know something that is even better than ecommerce?

It’s Mobile Commerce.

The numbers speak for themselves.

More than 2 billion people have smartphones these days and the number is likely to grow in future. People love their smartphones so much that they check their phones 150 times in a day and spend around 3 hours on average on mobile apps.

That means if you want to grow your ecommerce sales, you need to upscale your mobile strategy.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – “we already have a responsive website.” Well, that’s great. But here’s the stinging truth: with the rising popularity of mobile apps, people fail to appreciate mobile websites to some degree.

Ask yourself. Would you rather watch videos on the YouTube App or the YouTube mobile website? Would you rather browse Facebook on its App or on its responsive website?

Digital landscape continues to change. Due to the conventional mobile apps provide, mobile app usage has become the preferred medium of mobile browsing.

So when there is an app for almost everything today, why should ecommerce fall behind?

Big retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart and eBay have already caught on the trend and have successfully grown their sales numbers. Target, for example, saw a 200% increase in their retail sales via their mobile app.

It all looks promising. Let’s see how mobile apps are reshaping the ecommerce industry and why you should get an app for your store.

Apps are Convenient. Apps are Faster.

Think about a mobile website versus a mobile app. Opening an online store through your mobile browser involves some work: tap on the browser icon, type in the URL (risk having it typed wrong) and the go tap.

Opening an online store through a mobile app requires only one tap. Your customer only needs to tap on your store’s icon that rests peacefully on the home screen. Now, how many times does a person check his phone on average? 150 times. So they are technically reminded of your store 150 times a day!

Apps are also dedicated to mobile usage. So it’s much easier to navigate around in a mobile app than on a mobile website.

Apps are also so much faster than mobile websites. They store data partially on the mobile device which gives them fast load times. This is one more thing that gives convenience to your customers.

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Apps Can Use The Features Of Your Phone

Think about integrating the geolocation feature of your phone with your app so your customer can simply use the GPS to fill in the address field in the checkout page. or think about using the phone’s microphone to allow your customer to make voice-enabled searches. Or think about using the phone’s camera to allow your customer to scan their credit card instead of typing the numbers in.

These are all really cool features that will help you beat your competition.

Apps Can Help Boost Customer Loyalty

Research tells us that customers are likely to spend three to four times longer in apps than on mobile websites.

Another research says mobile app customers are twice as likely to return to your store within 30 days as compared to customers who access your shop through a mobile website.

And finally, look at this overwhelming stat that will sell you on the idea of mobile apps for e-commerce. Mobile apps have the lowest cart abandonment rate at 20% as compared to 68% on desktop sites and 97% on mobile sites.

How come apps perform so much better than desktop sites and mobile sites? There are a few reasons for that.

  • Customers can personalize their experience on a mobile app. For example, if your customer is only interested in the books section of Amazon, they can set their preferences so they can see only what they are interested in. This can lead to a higher conversion rate.
  • Apps can communicate with customers through push notifications. You can notify them about sales, special offers, abandoned carts, or stock refills through push notifications.

Mobile Apps Can Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

  • You can offer exclusive offers for app users. These exclusive offers and deals motivate your customers to download your app and increase conversion rates.

Mobile Apps have taken over the market today. If you want to increase your ecommerce sales and rack up considerable profits, this is the way to go.


Author Bio:

Faiza Farooqi is an Ecommerce Manager at Codup who accepts challenging strategies and puts amazing ideas on the table! She is an active community manager and also blogs at Codup Readers.

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