What is the Scope of Digital Marketing in 2018?

scope of digital marketing in 2018

Scope of Digital Marketing in 2018

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the marketing of services or products through the digital platform to reach consumers. The main objective of digital marketing is to promote the brand with the help of various digital media services.

There are various digital marketing through which a brand can be promoted such as search engine marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing etc. An offline business can be boosted globally with the help of digital marketing to reach its potential consumers.

According to Pew Research, there was a 5% increase in internet user amongst adult in the last three years. The way of shopping for people has been changed, Most of the people who were shopping in the offline market has now shifted to online. There is a reason to shift from offline to online, as no need to go out shopping, the customer just need to open the website and select the product of their choice and order. The product will be delivered within a day or two with no extra charge.

Digital Marketing is always about connecting with the targeted audience in right place at right time. In today’s time, this means that you just need to meet the people who are spending hours on the internet.

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Scope of Digital Marketing in 2018?

Digital Marketing is booming day by day, which brings opportunities for professional in this industry. Earlier a research has been done in 2016, It has been observed that there were 1.5 lakhs jobs opportunity in digital marketing only in India. Well, the other research was shocking, when a research is done in 2017, It has been noted that the job opportunities in Digital Marketing have been raised to 8 lakhs which were 1.5 lakhs in 2016. It has been assumed that the scope of digital marketing in 2018 will be doubled.

If you are planning to start your career in digital marketing, Then this is the right time to start. There is a huge scope in digital marketing. You can start your career in the following domain.

  1. Digital marketing executive
  2. Digital marketing strategist
  3. Social media specialist
  4. SEO analyst
  5. Email marketing specialist
  6. Google AdWords specialist
  7. Web Analyst
  8. Online reputation manager

Major Roles in Digital Marketing

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

It is one of the highest position in digital marketing. To become a manager you must need to have atleast 4-5 years of experience in digital marketing. The manager has to make all the decision related to a website such as changes in the web pages, offers, campaigns etc to promote the business in order to meet the targeted audience and more traffic.

  1. SEO Expert/Executive

A well-designed website with no traffic is just like having a shopping mall in the desert. So the company hires SEO Experts to showcase their business online. The work of SEO expert/Executive is to promote the website over the web, To bring the target audience to the website and ranking the website on the top in SERP (search engine results prediction). The search engine optimization expert has to check the content  of the website, keyword research, create a sitemap and submit, analysis traffic sources etc

  1. Social Media Manager or Social Media Manager

When you hear about social media, the first thing which comes to mind is facebook, twitter, instagram etc. This is one of the coolest jobs in digital marketing. Social media is not only for time pass but it has become a platform to promote the business online. A social media manager or executive has to find the latest trend going on in the digital world and keep the business updated with it.

  1. Web designer or Web Developer

They are the people responsible for the website which we see on Google or any other search engines. The word web developer and web designer are different, but the work of both is the same. A designer/developer has to design the website according to the requirement of clients with the help of codings. To become a web designer/developer, you need to have the knowledge of some programming languages like HTML, CSS, Java script, Jquery.

  1. SEM/PPC Expert

SEM and PPC stands for search engine marketing and pay per clicks respectively. The work of SEM/PPC expert has to create paid ads to runs on various platform such as Google, Youtube, Facebook etc. They have to generate leads, create landing pages, PPC keywords, generate daily reports. So these people have more demands in companies.

  1. Content Marketing

If you are creative on paper writing then this is the right place to work. In content marketing, you just need to write better content than which is already available on the web today. In the digital world, it is said that “Content is King”. So in order to promote the website or to engage users, we need to have a quality content. Every company needs a content writer to write for them about their company. Due to which there is a huge requirement of content writers.

There are lots of other roles and opportunity in Digital Marketing, depending on companies requirement. Some are mentioned below

  1. E-commerce Manager
  2. Email Marketing Manager
  3. CRM Manager

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How much can you earn in Digital Marketing?

  1. Digital Marketing Manager:- 4 to 10 Lakhs
  2. SEO Manager:- 3 to 7 Lakhs
  3. Social Media Manager:- 3 to 5 Lakhs
  4. SEM/PPC Manager:- 3 to 5 Lakhs
  5. Web Developer:- 3 to 6 Lakhs
  6. Content Writer:- 2.5 to 5 Lakhs

scope of digital marketing in 2018

How to start a career in Digital Marketing?

You just don’t need any kind of degree in this field to become a digital marketer. But certificates can help you to get your dream jobs with a good package in big companies. This certificate can get from some digital marketing courses or you can get this from Google too such as Google adwords. Google analytics etc. If you are not interested in working for companies, then you can start as a freelancer. There are many freelancing websites such as Upwork, Freelancing, Fiverr etc which allow you to work with them for clients. Or you can create your own website, social media pages and promote them to get the clients.

There is a huge scope of Digital Marketing in 2018. If you have any queries related to this then feel free to ask them in the comment box. I’ll try to sort it for you.

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