Things to do for making IOS Mobile App Successful

ios mobile app

Things to do for making IOS Mobile App Successful

India is the quickest growing market for IOS apps and to survive in this cut-throat genre, the apps propounded to its customers should be of substantial quality. We may suggest some guidelines to be viewed before coding and uploading your app in the Appstore.


There should be a very intelligible perspective before investing your time and money in developing the app. Any imbalance between thinking and representing this idea may not be fruitful for the future of the app’s development.

ios Mobile app

A simple flowchart of inputs/outputs, products, services, and different pages involved can be made on a preliminary basis. Wireframing the app can also be done at this stage.

Designing the actual app:

After you are through with your idea, you may design your app using the tool such as Cache, Sketch,, Justinmind etc. This will show the comprehensive and functional layout of the app. The positions of pop-ups, hyperlinks, buttons, colour schemes, fonts etc. can be checked and revised.

IOS mobile app

Aesthetic approach for the viewers to keep surfing their app relies on this part. Especially for the gaming apps and editing apps, this is utmost important due to competition and better options. A simple PhotoShop application can also be used in the case for starters.

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From here the actual IOS app will take its shape. After accomplishing the basic part of designing, the coding of an app takes place. All the MAC applications are coded and compiled by XCODE. The languages used to code can be Swift or Objective C. Some applications are also framed using C and C++, the compiler used will be XCODE holding its monopoly.

IOS Mobile App

An app developer will create the app in modules, after checking its functionality they will be compiled together in the form of an app. The process goes from a simple or unit module to the wholesome app. Before messing with XCODE one should download some test apps from the app store, it will provide an insight on how the app structure works. These norms can be followed for more schematic app flow.

Debug and Test your app:

It is not necessarily possible for an app to work according to your standards in the first trial. Any simple error in coding can cause a glitch and will make an app dead. Therefore, debugging is mandatory before uploading it. In this process, the coding would be checked by the debugger and necessary amendments can be made therein.

Xcode comes with the inbuilt simulator of debugging and testing your app, the button for it will look like any conventional play button. After clicking that button XCODE will compile the data and will run it. Performance can be checked, rechecked and revised here.

IOS mobile app

Testing your app in general:

You can now download your app and install it on your MAC device. You can check it as a customer, viewer or as a criticizer. Memory usage of it, appearance, app icon, visibility, the role of colour’s, changes of lynching etc. can be checked here, the process can take longer. Generally, it may take 1 week to 1 month to check an app’s performance remotely. You can make it available to the group of audience and can check their views. Modifications can be done to make it more appreciated and user-friendly.

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Uploading your app:

Create an App Developer Account in the app store. Bank details and taxation details should be entered there. There comes apart when Apple will review your app and will let it through its definite series of tests. It may take days or weeks for your app to be reviewed but after getting into, the process is really quick.

If it’s not fulfilling the tests Apple will send you the rejection email and will also tell you basic steps to fix it.  If it passes the test, Apple will confirm the results with an email and your app will appear on the app store.

After this process, the developer should read and try to implement all the reviews recommended by the users.

Promotion and Branding:

Promoting your app on different social media platforms is also necessary for the future of an app. Enlarging the audience by targeting them and providing extra compared to the competitors can be thoughtful. You can issue free copies of your app to some users and can create a youtube video accentuating the qualities of your app. After spreading it and get it critically acclaimed by the popular reviewers may boost up your marketing.

ios mobile app

Getting here after a lot of hard work and investment, now it’s time to check the sales and digits of your app. Apple will keep you updated with your latest sales data and you can download your record.

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