How A Fast Hosting Service Can Boost Your Site’s Rankings

Hosting Service

Hosting Service Can Boost Your Site’s Rankings

Speed matters! Websites that load faster perform better across various marketing metrics, whether you look at conversion rates, site engagement or organic rankings. Website speed delivers great benefits to your business. According to a recent study, most online shoppers expect an e-commerce site to load in less than three seconds.

Slow loading web pages will have a negative impact on your customer’s experience. After all, no customer will enjoy sitting around waiting for a site to load. Mostly this leads to frustration and negative brand experience. If your website is not responsive or loads slowly, then you are going to miss on potential leads, conversions or sales. If you want your site to load faster, then you need to purchase a fast hosting service like a VPS or CDN such as the one suggested on Collectiveray’s hosting review.

In the world of search engine optimization, things are ever changing and the latest being how the search engines rank and prioritize results. Google has included mobile-first indexing and website speed in their ranking system. Google wants their users to have a good experience. Website speed refers to the time a customer has to wait for a page to load completely. On average, an eCommerce takes seven seconds to load, but the ideal loading time should be 3 minutes or less.

Google PageSpeed is a Ranking Factor

Page speed refers to how fast your content loads on the web. Customers want to be able to find answers on your website as fast as possible. Google has recently announced that it will use page speed as a ranking factor of both mobile and desktop searches. This means that you have to work hard to make your website

accessible and as fast as possible.

Hosting Service

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It was predicted many years ago that mobile would take over the world, but that reality has dawned on us. While most of us spend much of our time in front of laptop and desktop machines, we all agree that mobile is crucial. If your page loads faster, then you are likely to rank higher than the slow loading pages. If your page has to load more quickly, then you must have a fast hosting service like a CDN or VPS to help you achieve better rankings. Website speed can be improved by buying a fast hosting service such as a CDN or VPS.


Improvement in UX, Reduced Bounce Rate, More Royal Customers, Better Rankings

As we noted earlier, Google is in the process of providing valuable information to its users. It aims to offer the best results possible to its users. Search engines are now focusing on providing answers to many questions that their clients might have. Bad user experience has a negative impact on how people perceive your brand and the search engine in general. This is especially relevant for eCommerce sites in particular sites which use WooCommerce and the WooCommerce API. Now you know why search engines like Google are considering user experience (UX) as the main ranking factor in their search results.

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It is an issue of trust. Search engines want their users to trust them, understanding that every time they refer them to a site; they are going to have a great experience. That is the best place every search engine strives to be. When they know that a certain website is giving their users a great experience, they will begin to rank them high.

As a business, if you strive to create a good user experience every time you interact with your clients online, you will more loyal customers for your business and search engines will no doubt rank your website higher than your competitors. User experience is also linked to the revenue model of most search engines.


HTTPS + HTTP2 as a ranking factor


Google included HTTPS and HTTP2 as one of the factors they use to rank websites. This made many sites to shift from HTTP to https. HTTPS helps to safeguard your website from intruders who can tamper with communication between your users and websites. HTTP2 also helps your site to load faster and thus enhance your user experience.

Hosting Services

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There is a direct relationship between organic rankings and website speed. That relationship applies to both desktop and mobile searches. If your business web page is loading slowly, then you are likely to miss on potential leads, conversions, and sales. Website speed alone cannot help your site to rank high in search engines. But you also need to provide a good user experience and switch to HTTPS to enhance your website security. If you have a business website, you need to optimize for page load time and speed by purchasing a fast hosting service to increase your organic rankings and conversion rates.


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