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Improve Website Ranking

A complete guide to Improve Website Ranking

Website ranking does matter for sites out there on Google. Whether it’s about a beauty or a business site, ranking matters. And improving it depends on how you apply the techniques. How you understand these first. Ranking better on Google does take up very much to do. But you have to do it if you want your website to perform better. Plus, most readers get fond of websites that have better performance.

So, if you are worried about how to Improve website ranking, we are here to help. Check out below the complete guide to improve your website ranking.

Some Tips to Improve Website Ranking

  1. Make sure your site’s performance is optimum.

Performance of websites is one of the most important factors that matter most, More than you think. Why do you think few sites have PHP configurations? Since it loads up faster. And those sites have better rankings too.

Improve Website Ranking

But that doesn’t mean that your website is slow. It kind of takes the right theme to get it done properly. Sometimes themes are heavily customized and it takes longer to load. So, use a simple lighter one. Test out your site’s performance on PCs with slower internet connection. And analyze the time.

  1. Know your current search ranks

You can check out the website’s ranking on Google for less a hassle. This should be you key area of concern when you write content. Make sure you write with highly relevant keywords.

Improve Website Ranking

You can use to access your website ranking along with the other relevant searches. This tool greatly helps to know how and why you get such rankings. Other than this, you can check out other sites that have similar content. Also, your overall searches onto your site for a specific time and even CPCs.

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  1. Configure your on-page SEO to near perfection

Now, perfecting the SEO on your page is a bit hard. But that pays off greatly. Google ranks websites just by analyzing the most number of relevant keywords on the particular site. That includes your one too. More of the relevant keywords, a better rank.

But how do you get the relevant keywords? There are some keywords research tools that will help you to find keywords. I did go with Google AdWords that shows how much CPCs are for each word. More CPC (Cost per Click), that has more relevance. That’s one way to go. There are other tools too,

So, know how to use and where to use the right amount of keywords in your post. That’s how you get hold of  Google and its ranking system. And remember to use the words as much as you can without making your post meaningless.

  1. Remember to do a keyword research

Here we come to the most important part of the guide “Keyword research” What is it? It’s an efficient technique to hold out the most relevant keywords that are searched on Google. Searched for most of the time. These keywords will have a high relevancy and you can use this to your post’s advantage and also for the content.


Improve Website Ranking

A highly intuitive tool is the Google Keyword Planner. This is a very good tool that allows you to search out the most searched words on Google. You have to type in your likely keyword and have a look at the results. There will be high, low competition for the words along with an average monthly search count. This is an approximate value of the searches that occur for a specific time period.

The words that have a high search count are your ideal words for a post. Now you have to decide appropriately the title using these words. Not only that, you also have to use these words more in your post too.

When Google ranks sites, it searches for the most number of the relevant keywords on posts. And gives them the best rank possible, that’s how it works.

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  1. Properly set up the links

Links are something that will work for you on either way. Either bring traffic to your site directly or indirectly or even get better ranks, Links are the best. But you have to know how to configure them.

Improve Website Ranking

Now, the simplest way is to use the keywords in the link itself. This will take care of the SEO troubles itself. Then try including links into the content, as internal links. This increases a content’s productivity and quality, giving more information. That’s one way to give your readers a better valuable content. Rankings do occur by including the internal links too.

Image links would also help a lot if you focus on the keywords there. As for the Alt description, you put there a keyword and the related link in the link option.


  1. Use the keywords on everything

Keywords as I have told you to make a website post a hundred times better than normal post. When it comes to a better ranking, keywords with more relevancy comes into play. And with that Google plays too. Search for the right ones, and you will get an incredible amount of traffic.

The more you use these, the more benefit. Google will use most of the content available on your site for ranking. The first part of every post is targeted first, as this is the primary ranking source. So make sure, you have it written with all the keywords in it. Be double sure of that.

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  1. Know the Google ranking system

Google has some highly complicated algorithms that work around the sites to give them their worthy rank. Now if you are some algorithm expert you can manipulate to get a better rank for your site easily. But is it worth? What about the readers and their likeness for contents?

This is why you have to know to how to do better on your site in the right way. And about Google algorithms, Google will never tell you about that. Hardly any of that ever.

But there are few obscure sources like Google Webmaster Central, the Webmaster which have information about Google’s ranking system. Also, you can sneak on Moz’ Google Algorithms Change History to get a database of the updates so far.

  1. Check out your website on mobile phones

Performance of a website will be fine on PCs. But what about smartphones? Are those mini PCs capable of handling it? Although this is now invalid, most smartphones don’t come with high-grade hardware to load up sites faster. And if they come, what if it performs slower due to internet connection?

Complete guide to Improve Website Ranking

Some sites have slower loading times even on a good internet connection. Some sites are heavily customized and perform slower on low power phones. So what do? Solve the damn problem. Make your site a better one. Optimize it for a faster performance by omitting the needless stuff. This will also prevent loading of the unnecessary stuff that won’t be used at all.

Try viewing and interacting with your website in a mobile phone in order to check out the performance yourself. That will be a good option too.

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  1. See that the readability score is good enough

Website rankings don’t just go over keywords and better link system. The Readability also matters. Since a bad readability score would not be good users. They will spend less time on your website and even ignore it. But will google know about this?

YES. Obviously. Google does keep the users time gap between websites for statistics on websites rankings. Thus less time on a website means, low productivity of it. Thus it will get a lower ranking. And there you go with your downfall.

Readability score can be improved highly within simple steps. First, make sure you write simply. No going for thou Shakespeare style. Simple is good. Simple is worth. Simple is simple and it makes readers comfortable.

Secondly, try writing in small sentences. This makes the explanation better and confined. Long sentences make readers lose track.

Thirdly, write in small paras. That’s another to get a good readability score and a better ranking.

So, Getting better ranks is a bit of hard work to be done. But it completely pays you off. You can get improved rankings overall and better performances. Along with a lot of traffic.

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