How to Choose a WordPress Theme? Best WordPress Themes 2018

How to Choose a Wordpress Theme

How to choose a WordPress Theme?

There are thousands of WordPress themes available in the market. The question is how to choose a WordPress theme which will be best suitable for your business? If you start checking all the themes today, then you will need more than a month to check all themes.

Choosing a right theme is very important as it is the foundation of your online business. The theme should be responsive across all devices and should load before the eye blink. Yet with some many good themes available in online market, to choose a WordPress theme for your business just follow all the below steps

Buy Premium Theme

If you want your business to run longer then always go for premium themes. There are lots of free themes available with good looks. But never use that themes, because there are chances that your website may be hacked by them. Premium themes offer’s you the customer support, which is very important for a non-technical person. They give you the regular updates which is a good thing.

Some features of Premium themes

  1. Quality
  2. Regular Updates
  3. Security
  4. Clean and Elegant Look
  5. Customer Support

If you are going for premium then go for reputable.

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Responsive Themes

Responsive designed themes mean making your site easy to use not only on PCs and laptops but also on all types of devices. The design is compatible with mobile with proper menus and widgets which are easy to navigate.  the significant number of traffic on the web is generated by mobile. Google shows the website on top in SERP (search engine results prediction) which are responsive and mobile friendly in nature. Most of the WordPress themes which are available in the market are responsive but some of the seller’s are selling fixed width layout which are not responsive, so when you choose a WordPress theme just check the theme is responsive.

How to check if a theme is responsive or not?

My best method for checking it is by resizing the width of the browser. If the theme is responsive, then it will automatically adjust its width with screen width.

Another method to check it is Google Mobile-Friendly Test. You just need to paste your website URL in the search box and click on analyze.

how to choose a wordpress themes


Supported Plugins

The best part of WordPress is its plugins, which takes the website to next level. With the help of this plugins, you can design your website accordingly. Before choosing the WordPress theme just make sure to check it supports all popular plugins as they play a very important role in designing the website. Some important plugins are Yoast SEO, W3 Total cache etc.

How to choose a WordPress Theme1

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Multilanguage Supported + Translation

Most of the WordPress website is not in the English language. If you plan in future to make a regional language or multi-language website other than English then WordPress theme will play an important role. So before choosing WordPress theme make sure it supports Multilanguage along with the translation.

Browser Compatibility

Different users use different browser. Your theme may look perfect in your browser but there might be chances that it may be broken in another browser. Here browser’s compatibility plays an important role. When you choose the theme, just check the theme in different browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc. Don’t forget to test the theme in mobile browsers too.

How to choose a WordPress Theme in 2018

Customer Support

If you are using free themes then there is no option for customer support & if some problem arises in the website then you have to solve it all alone but for premium users, there is an option of customer support. If anything goes wrong then you can contact developer’s of the theme and resolve the issue. So whenever you buy the theme just check if they are offering 24*7 supports, call or email supports, support validity.

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SEO Friendly

Website with no traffic is just like a shopping mall in the desert. To bring traffic to your website you need to do SEO of your website. Theme with poor coding severely affects the website performance in search engines. A non-tech person cannot identify the coding of web pages so developers mention that their pages are well optimized for SEO.

You can check if your theme is SEO friendly at W3C Markup Validation. Which shows the errors in codings.

Page Builder

Page Builder’s are the plugins which help us to drag and drop the user interface. Most of the premium themes have the pre-installed page builders and some themes support page builders plugins. When you choose WordPress themes just make sure it’s supports page builders as it helps you to design the landing pages accordingly.

How to choose a WordPress Theme in 2018

Reviews and Ratings

If you want to buy WordPress themes from a third-party marketplace, there you will find reviews and rating provided by their users which you should refer before buying any premium WordPress themes.

Our Recommendations

There are lots of new themes coming on the market daily. It has become difficult to choose a WordPress theme for the website. If you are a blogger than we recommend you to go for the following themes.

  1. Newspaper 8.8
  2. Sahifa
  3. Jarida

If you have an E-commerce business then just go for these following themes

  1. Template Trip
  2. Prestashop Themes
  3. Woocommerce Themes

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