15 best ways to Improve your WordPress SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Improve your WordPress SEO

15 best ways to Improve your WordPress SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Plenty of WordPress websites are online and some are the best rated on Google. They appear on the Google rankings better whether they have high-quality content or not. But some sites have incredible content, still no good ranking. This occurs due to poor Search engine optimization (SEO) which most bloggers don’t even care at all.

SEO optimization is most necessary for a blog to be better ranked among the other sites. And it becomes much more important when there are similar sites with similar content. Making your article  SEO optimized can be tricky. But it will do the best thing for your website. Getting it properly ranked.

SEO optimization though is not the only thing that you should do on your website. Other parameters like Reading quality, images, internal links also does improve your website ranking. And that all adds to the Google rankings.

And there are a lot more.

Now SEO optimization might seem a hard task but it’s not impossible. And there are highly simple ways to make your WordPress site more SEO friendly. Here are some tricks which you might to look at that might help your site get better ranks.


1. Write good quality content (WordPress SEO)

Now that might seem a bit weird. Most bloggers consider writing good content with low SEO. Some consider writing OK with high-level SEO. Now you might be concerned about rankings too much. And if you get good rankings, then you are successful. Now just you have to write content. But does it really matter with just OK content and SEO?

 Improve your WordPress SEO

No. not at all. You can get high-level rankings but what about the readers. Those who are reading your site with OK content might also look somewhere else. For a better and quality content. Suppose you are writing about smartphones reviews, whereas you only make the content too long. And you miss out of focus. That’s where your readers will stop reading your content.

Now there are simple tricks to better content writing

Get yourself more experienced about the topic before writing.

Know as much as you can on the topic.

Write using simple words, which might be easy for some users.

Write content using only your experience knowledge.

Make sure the target audience should be minimum satisfied.

Try writing in a good mood (and avoid too much anger).

Avoid too much funny inclusions (some overuse it).

Avoid using complicated words.

Use simple sentences.

Don’t lose out your focus on the content.

Try to get more explanatory. But not over the top.

If you are posting about reviews, make sure you know what you are writing.

SEO will yield your ranks, but readers, but not for long. Some sites have this problem and they go into losses. You have to write straight up content which fits the title. Content that users are looking for should be in your website in bulks. That’s how you impress and win over readers permanently.

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2. Do the keyword research perfectly (WordPress SEO)

Knowing about keyword research might be another thing which bloggers aren’t aware. Not at all. Keyword research gets you into getting the more valuable keywords that are more searched on google. Doing this little hard work can yield you lots of traffic.

Keyword research is an intense task for a better SEO. Since a way to a better SEO is a post with more relevant keywords. Relevant keywords here means which have a better probability of appearing in the search result. That is the trick to get a better ranking. And it is followed by all professional high-grade bloggers. And look how much successful they are.

Wordpress seo

You might find keyword searching a bit of a hassle. Since, how can you know what Google wants? And what it won’t even need. OK, there is a solution for that. Google has its own keyword research tool which does all the searching for you. You just have to spice up the content to be appealing to readers.

One of the best keyword tools, in my opinion, is the Google Correlate. It loads up fast and can provide words quicker. It can provide you with a high level of keywords that are more relevant. And then you can use these keywords in your posts. More relevant keywords in your posts mean good rankings. And there you go with your website getting views.

Also, there are Bulk keyword generators which also provides tons of keywords. One such is the IMforSMB Bulk keyword generator. This generator provides a list of keywords more relevant to searches. That too with just a single keyword which might have more importance to your website. I personally recommend this if you are into looking for tons of relevant keywords.


3. Don’t forget to put SEO in images too (WordPress SEO)

Images say things thousands of times better than just words. Some sites just use images mostly for covering up their article. That might increase the loading speed of the website. But it’s not that important unless you have quality content ahead. Plus images tends to help up cover for OK type content. It though makes the site look just good.

Now, you know how to place images into your website. And its caption below too. But SEO for a website is not just about making the content right. Its also making the images into the Optimization group. And you can do that by making texts related to the image full of keywords. Yes, the relevant keywords. The Alt, caption, even the description all should be filled out with keywords.

This might help Google to find the related keywords in your images too. The images also can show up in the images search from your site. And there is a “Visit Site” option available too. In the search itself. This allows the user to directly visit your website that contains the image. And that’s a way to increase traffic.

This way works much better if you want better rankings. And its simple too.  Along, when appearing in search results, you can get incredible traffic to your website.

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4. Make the title more relevant, more catchy (WordPress SEO)

OK, here is something which you can try along with just keyword search. The title is the main thing in a website post. It explains the main purpose of the post. Or what meaningful information the post is going to convey. Keywords for the title is what actually you would want to search.

Besides making the Title more SEO friendly, try using catchy words for the title. This is the thing which much of the bloggers don’t seem to use at all. The title is the main gear for a post. After all, it is the thing that appears on the Search results. Don’t intend to ruin the title just for a better ranking. That’s similar to making a bad omelet just for wasting a few eggs.

Tips for getting a catchy title ;

Arrange the keywords properly

Try making them more meaningful

Avoid using stop words as much as possible

The title should be directly related to the content

The target audience should be able to understand it easily.

Don’t make it too big, nor too small.

Don’t use any commitments (it looks unnatural though)

Plus, you can use the Google keywords Planner tool for getting catchy titles. Some offer a better range of keywords for your efficiency. Remember, if you don’t have a catchy title, chances are there you might not get better readers. Once readers get ignore your site, it’s going to grow easily. No matter how good your content is. And no blogger wants that punishment.


5. Provide useful links (WordPress SEO)

This is something which you might want to listen if you actually want more traffic. Links are something that makes your site connective to other sites. That is a double side profit. Both for you and also for the owner of the other website. This is as similar as internal linking. But with a different website.

Links to other websites can yield you much more traffic. How? this is due to either article match or similar interests. Most readers look for the similar type of content on different websites. Well, link to different websites in a single post might save their trouble. Plus, you can get to post your own post to other sites (if they agree).

There are several advantages to this. First, you can get a lot of traffic. Secondly, you can work for promoting other websites. That also might come with a price that you can charge. Some websites owners actually do this for a getting much more traffic. Links thus can be useful to a great extent.

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6. Make the readability of posts to a good extent  (WordPress SEO)

Readability matters for a site post. As it defines how well the content is written. How well it is fit for reading for un-mature readers. How simply it explains itself. Some might take readability as nothing, but it matters. It matters to a great extent. It matters so much that the Yoast SEO itself has a readability score.

wordpress seo

The Readability score gets better only when you have proper content. Along with better content too. Proper content might be not just high-grade writings. But also using of simple words and short sentences. You might not wanna make sentences long as it irritates users.

You can try knowing a few tricks to make the readability better like

Use simple words and sentences

Try to keep the sentences short.

Put meaningful sentences.

Try to make the paragraphs small.

Be sure that there are just a few sentences in one paragraph.

Don’t make long paragraphs at all.

Use proper headings for long paras.

You can try highlighting the headings of the paras.

Write in a simple style.

Readability scores which are used in WordPress as plugins can come in handy sometimes. The Yoast SEO plugin is one such thing. It tells you whether the readability is good or not by green signs. You can put it up for a better writer.

Although readability scores do matter in ranking. As a reader goes through your website, the time in and out is kept on track. This might be used to rate your websites and can cater to rankings. A good readability score can save you. Whereas a bad one can be used against you.

This might cause you to get decreasing ratings since your post is not fit. Not fit for reading for majority users. Google can rank your site lower than others with a good readability score. So, get to know how the readability works.


7. Make your Site/Post Link more relevant (WordPress SEO)

When you publish a post, the link to it gets automated. Sometimes you might edit it to your choice. But is it good for the SEO? Or for the rankings? Well done. As relevant keywords are necessary for your post. They are too for the link. Since your link will also be used for relevant searching.

The Link or the permalink for a particular post plays an important role. It defines the address for your site. Though it might sometimes be able to connect to the right content. But it’s better to make it ready for the correct purpose. Sometimes links also even can cause several problems.

When including a link to your own site you should also use keywords in it. Since the post title may be keyword filed, it’s better to include the link too. Images that appear on the site may also get linked to the included link. This on a good way can let the reader browse up to the link. Thereby helping you with traffic indirectly.

Also, on the bad side, improper links can lead to a bad SEO cause. That includes both of the images and content relevant to the link. The images can be treated as not matched with the link due to differences in keywords. While the included link might serve the purpose, it’s a good practice to make the link better. At least with some of the keywords after you have uploaded.

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8. Use internal links from your own site (WordPress SEO)

Now here comes the most common trick which most of the bloggers use. And if you don’t know about it, better know it. Internal links from your own site can help you a lot. A lot actually. This includes a better SEO post along with more probability to get more viewers.

When a reader gets to your website, all the previews of the post does the work. The work for getting the reader amazed. When he clicks on a particular post, he starts reading it. In the end, when he finishes, he gets another link. A link to another post. Similar to the one he just read. In this way, you can let viewers consistently engaged with the content. That too on your own website on a single category only.

Internal links just don’t come up during the end of a content. It can be anywhere in it. Using it in relevant places makes your content better and more productive. That is actually you want your content to be. Although you can include a relevant link whenever a similar sentence comes up.

Tips to use internal links properly may need you to ;

include them whenever possible.

Place the links in the right place.

Avoid overcrowding with links everywhere.

Use them safely.

Use your website link at the bottom for more posts.

Never use your website direct link at the first.

One thing about the internal links is that they help with SEO. Google can find more relevant keywords in the link. And also into the Text that appears on it. This might get you to an overall better ranking on search results. So you should know where to place a link. And How to place a link.


9. Optimize images to load faster (WordPress SEO)

As you know that images do fall into the SEO category. And optimizing them gives a better SEO rank. Well, that is not that much easier as it thinks. Images have to properly optimized to get both the work done. One is actually providing a better overall look of the website. Other is using fewer data and loading them faster.

 Improve your WordPress SEO

Image loading is always irritating for readers. And sometimes it takes up a lot of time too. Although you might consider making them load faster along with the whole site. But you would have to decrease the size of the images This might, in turn, reduce the quality of the images. But there is a solution to that too.

Images on PCs don’t show as the whole high quality. These are only shown as a resolution of only 72dpi. That’s a standard on how images are shown on computer screen. The resolution more than that would not be used actually. To show for the extra quality. Thus a big loss of using high-quality images on posts.

It seems better to reduce the dimensions of the particular images. And then use it in the post for a better efficiency. And by this way, images can load faster. Plus you always have a backlink to view the whole dimension size of the image. That also works too.

Here are a few tips to use better image parameters ;

Use low-resolution high-quality images

Images with low byte size load faster.

Be sure the image is relevant to the content.

Use as less image as possible.

Images can be formatted to be better in type.

Always use preferred formatted images for better efficiency.

Always use PNG format for the less different colored image.

And JPG format for the more different colored image.

Try reducing the size of the image then reducing the quality instead.

Properly place the images along with the content.

Align images in the middle, it looks better.

Use your own images, beware of copyright.

There are free software for editing and resizing images to the desired quality.

Use captions along with images to convey a better information.

Optimize images with keywords for a better ranking.

Link images to proper links so that readers can browse up to them sufficiently.

Although remember to use images only of your own. Or others with permission for the owner. You can get into big troubles for violating copyrights by using other’s property (images). You can get a lot of free images at Flickr or Sunsplash. These are the websites that have plenty of images for free download.

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10. Use social media to publicize your site (WordPress SEO)

This is more of an advertising trick than an SEO one. But still, it serves its purpose. Yes, you should try to publicize your website to other social media sites. That includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. This can be another way of getting more of the subscribers along with viewers. As most of the users are always on the social networking sites.


 Improve your WordPress SEO

Social networking sites are a great place to share your content. Even though Google has its own ranking systems, it still peeps in. To see the response and feedback of the particular website. And it uses this data to rank the website more efficiently among the search results. Your site can get a better ranking just because social media users like it much more even. And that’s a free win.

Although much of the social media networking sites have their own way of ranking pages. If your site has a good ranking then its good on either way. Plus you can too, include your social media links directly on to your website. This can increase the traffic on your site. As much of the users are always active on social media sites. They can get your posts there too.


11. Use proper headings and subheadings in the content (WordPress SEO)

Now back to the basics. Earlier I told that how the content and its structure matters most. Both for the SEO ranks and Readability. But there is more to that too. Just good quality content won’t help you. Unless you know how to organize the whole stuff properly. There is also something know an writing beautiful.

Paragraphs occur almost everywhere. These can be organized along with small subheadings. The Subheadings can then be underlined to look more appealing. The headings can also be tuned up for a better look. Also, it can be made bold. Images’ captions can be made better too with little of italics.

The Heading as it goes for the title too must be known properly to Google. It should be made bigger and bolder. Or directly use a heading format system. To make it look like a heading. That works too. Along with that, comes the paras. The paras can be written in a simple way with fewer sentences. It helps to keep the matters and explanations small. Small enough to be better understood.

Using proper headings and subheadings has an impact on the SEO indirectly. Using them properly induces a good Readability rating. A good overall look at the content. Viewers would love to remain and go over the content. This, in turn, can boost up an SEO rating and rankings.

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12. Publish newer posts whenever possible, regularly (WordPress SEO)

Newer posts are what drives up readers to your website. Even google keeps tracking your website updates for newer posts. This is something which much of the bloggers get mostly irritated. As to why their sites don’t get a quicker Google ranking. Or why it doesn’t appear in the search results. Well, there is a flaw in that too.

First Google won’t list your website directly on to the search result just like that. Your site has to have a better content rating. Along with more active time period. For that, you have to keep on publishing more posts on your website. That too regularly. You cannot be a lazy duck. Posts are what matters to readers and also to Google.

You might think about how many articles or posts you have to write overall. In order to get a good ranking on Google. Or much needed to appear in the search results. That also depends on google. If you keep on publishing quality content along with all the SEO tricks, you might get a ranking soon. Along with lots of traffic which might make your site profitable.

But well, when readers visit your site, they will be looking for content. Lots of it. If they don’t find what they want, that might be bad. Bad enough for your website. It can get a bad rating from google. And you might need to even work hard to get it back. That’s why Google doesn’t rank your site unless it has better content.

Tips for writing efficient content regularly are here for you ;

Write regularly on anything (much relevant to your topic)

Be sure to maintain SEO on posts

Write short content, but do write.

Maintain the publicizing on social media

Write a single post daily or even one for two days

Don’t get broken down if your site isn’t yet ranked.

Be active on your site.

One of the main tips is you should try to build your site properly. If you don’t know, there are tons of online videos that will help you. Much of the websites nowadays just teach on how to make websites. Even by the programming approach too. If you want you can try that too.

About writing content, you should always remember that content is money. You might find out some tricks to get a better SEO and rankings. I just provided that all above. But when your site gets running, Google keep tracks of almost everything. That includes reader time view, on which sites more users stay for more time. Even though some sites undergo extensive reviews. And you get easily banned if you are found doing something wrong. Google cares highly for its users. You might keep that in mind.


13.Categorize your content  (WordPress SEO)

That’s one simple way to get better readers. Actually more of them. You know what categories do. They group similar content and makes browsing much much easier. Almost all users look for a category list when they visit a website. And it’s the first thing that they do.

Categories can be easily managed. And you need to do that in order to get better rankings. Google also includes the categories in your website for rankings. Since similar content always matches the relevant keywords in the categories. Plus google even sometimes directly lists the categories on your website directly onto the search results. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Try to include meaningful categories. You have categories in your website doesn’t mean that they will get ranked. The words in the categories should be relevant too. This means you have to use Keyword tools for doing the research before adding the categories. And try to include as much as categories as you should.

You also have to write about content that explains the categories. Or similar to the categories. Don’t fool google just by adding the categories. You are still not that smart. Plus, when you have categories in your site, it makes work easier. Both for you and for the readers. You can edit a particular post related to a category easily. Just go to the topic list in the categories. And you have it. It increases a blogger’s productivity highly.

So it might be essential for you to add categories to your site.


14. Properly configuring the Meta Description (WordPress SEO)

The meta description is the small area which you might find on WordPress sites. And that has to be filled up. But how? In a similar way just as you write the first part of every post. YES. All those relevant keywords and sentences along with the set focus keyword.

On other websites, it might be named as search description. Both are the same thing and work in the same way. You have to use the same trick for both the places. But does a meta description matter when you have a better SEO?. YES. It does. It does something that might be useful for your website. But what is actually does?

wordpress seo

When you search for random search results, you do see a relevant topic with a small para below. That is what the search description defines. It’s a small para that appears when your site post comes appears into the Search result. And you might want to include a good description for that too. Since you don’t want users to get away from your site just for a bad description. That happens sometimes though.

Configuring the search description properly is a not even a tough task at all. You don’t have to even write one at all. Because you already have one. Right into your post itself. Yes, you can use one small description from your post, and paste it into the search area. That will do it.

Even some bloggers prefer a new one instead. That will also work well. You can specify a new search description or a meta description for your post too.
Just do remember that you have to write it in a similar way. In a similar way as you did with the first paragraph. Lots of relevant keywords and also the focus keyword.

Including all the relevant keywords and focus keywords too, will help you to get a better ranking too. Google also looks for the meta description connected with a particular site for the rankings.

So you should specify a perfect simple meta/search description for your site. Always. That too for all the posts.


15 Finally, make sure the first para has everything (WordPress SEO)

The first para is what matters most for a website. It got to have all the relevant keywords, the focus keywords too. Also, it had to have the same small para size as the other ones. To increase the user experience which matters a lot. This is where Google will be targeting for the information that matters for the ranks.

The first paragraph should be not too much longer. Nor it should be less than 100-120 words. That is the best-defined size. More words can be good for the beginning part. But you can still write one or more paras after that too. That won’t affect your beauty of the post. But warn your self of the first para, no too much words. Mind it.

The next paras can define the other things that the post is going to state. This is a good thing which you can practice. You don’t have to use everything on the first para just for getting a better impression. Else, it will just be more crowdy. It is better when you group the explanations with words into small paras. Whether it’s just about the topic itself or the words.

When it comes to writing the first para, most bloggers do one thing wrong. They think that the first para should be big which won’t matter. As they will keep the later ones small. But that is the same thing as writing big paras for the next parts. Google seeks for indexing on the first couple of paras, and it might take the wrong impression of your site. Since it saw big para at first, it will think that there are more too. And this is how you lose ranks and readers.

So be careful when writing the first paras. Be specific along with all the relevant keywords. Don’t go over the top, or write a bit sufficient. That will do it.

There are still so many better websites on the internet itself that has high-quality content. But no ranks. No readers. And we miss them since the bloggers don’t know how to get them on the front. Well, if you are one such blogger, try taking a look at the tips mentioned above. These are the simplest SEO techniques for getting a better SEO on any WordPress website. Or any site. And it might do a fortune for you.

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