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Web Digify, was activated Ishita Davra, a web developer and Digital Marketer herself with a view to keeping the techy peeps updated about the newest technology and upcoming trends. The pioneer of Technical sources in India operates under the philosophy of keeping its readers informed, updated and rationalized. WebDigify.com patronages the story of India as it offers crisp, advanced, useful, informative and compelling content to its readers. We the people at Web Digify cover everything and anything regarding technology — news, reviews, views, trends, launches, and more. Our arena of technology and business news publications attract the audience of buyers and decision-makers who need timely industry briefs, news, and reliable analysis. The website also rims with intriguing blogs and fascinating features contributed by competent writers. Web Digify incorporates expertise team in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) E-Commerce and E-Business Information Technology (IT) Tech Stocks & Financial Deals Cloud Computing Enterprise Networking Linux and Open Source Internet Trends Internet and Network Security Mobile Devices and Wireless Technologies Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce) Operating Systems